June 8, 2022

NordVPN VPN Review

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    Written by Alex Trim

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    NordVPN is one of the more popular providers in the VPN industry. It has a large number of servers to choose from, with more than 5,000 servers located across 59 countries. This VPN service is growing in popularity due to its competitive rates. NordVPN is an excellent VPN service for those who want to stream content worldwide. It's also great for torrenting and gaming purposes. Let's dive into the NordVPN review and see what makes this VPN special.

    NordVPN VPN Review

    NordVPN Features – Updated In June, 2022

    Money Back Guarantee30 Days
    Does VPN Keep Logs?No
    Number Of Servers5400+
    Kill SwitchYes
    Country OriginPanama
    Customer SupportLive Chat Support
    Supports TorrentingYes

    NordVPN For Streaming

    This VPN service is perfect for streaming video on popular sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and more. NordVPN has fast speeds that allow you to stream your favorite TV series in HD quality without getting disconnected or experiencing buffering issues between episodes! It's also great with buffering videos that don't require high bandwidth like YouTube videos or Vimeo documentaries because it automatically adjusts the streaming speed to your internet connection.

    NordVPN For Streaming

    Streaming with a VPN allows for content proliferation and seamless access to online services, especially streaming sites unavailable in certain geographical regions. This was not always the case, like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and others were once inaccessible outside the United States or other countries where they operated. We can't forget about YouTube either!

    NordVPN For Torrenting

    Torrenting is an easy and fun way to get some free Mega downloads. It's boring downloading files one at a time, but you can download large files like movies or video games within mere minutes! However, because these large file sizes require a lot of bandwidth and time to transfer, you may not always have a fast internet connection.

    NordVPN For Torrenting

    This is where NordVPN comes in handy! You can now use NordVPN as a private peer through which you can easily share your bandwidth with other users who are also using the service. It's no longer necessary to share your bandwidth with anybody. You can now download files faster, and your privacy is kept intact. 

    NordVPN For Gaming

    NordVPN has efficient for gaming and provides excellent speeds. It's a great way to bypass regional restrictions and play your favorite games like Fortnite and PUBG without lagging or disconnection! Thanks to the NordVPN servers located across more than 60 countries, this is possible. It's simple to download your game of choice with the help of NordVPN because it has a great selection of servers that works well for online gaming.

    NordVPN For Gaming

    You can pick any server close to your geographical location. You can also use their Auto Connect feature to automatically connect when playing online games. You can also choose a server close to a popular game hub like Twitch or Mixer.

    NordVPN Speed Connection

    The NordVPN download speed is one of the fastest. If you want to test its performance, there are several free websites that allow you to test your internet connection speed and NordVPN's speed in particular. 

    NordVPN Speed Connection

    Download Speed

    When testing the NordVPN download speed on a 100Mb/s connection, we got a result of around 94 Mb/s. This is an excellent result, as it means that downloading files will be quicker at higher speeds instead of using a regular internet connection. 

    Upload Speed

    Uploading is another important thing when downloading torrents because they determine how fast your computer uploads data to other peers in the swarm. In our test, we achieved a rate of 16 Mb/s which is faster than we got on a regular internet connection and much faster than the results that we got on competition like other VPN services. The upload speed is one of the strongest features of NordVPN, especially when it comes to torrenting services.


    The ping rate is another important factor to consider when browsing without lag or disconnections over the internet. NordVPN's ping results were surprising but excellent for gaming purposes. Out of a million requests, the average latency was around 11 ms, faster than we expected. With an increasing number of NordVPN servers, it seems that their latency rates are going down.

    Download Speed (Mbps)94.71 Mbps
    Upload Speed (Mbps)16.11 Mbps
    Ping (ms)11 ms

    NordVPN Security Features

    NordVPN provides fast speeds. However, as users have bigger and highly sensitive files to share and download, they require more security. NordVPN has a great setup with excellent protocols that protect you from malicious threats like cyber attacks. It ensures that your data are kept safe, especially when you share them on public Wi-Fi networks or P2P applications.

    NordVPN Security Features

    NordVPN service offers some of the best security software available in the VPN industry. NordVPN is perfect for those who want to keep their internet browsing history private, blocks malicious ads and trackers, prevents DNS leaks, and allows torrenting on P2P servers.


    NordVPN uses the strongest encryption, including OpenVPN, IKEv2, and NordLynx protocol. This means that your internet connection will be safe with NordVPN because it is impossible to crack the data and extract sensitive information.

    Leak Protection

    While NordVPN provides you with robust encryption, it doesn't mean that your IP address will not be leaked in case of a security breach or cyber-attack. NordVPN has a powerful leak protection feature that ensures that your original IP address is hidden from the global web browser leak database such as DNS Leak and WebRTC Trackers.

    Kill Switch

    NordVPN has a kill switch that immediately disconnects you from the internet if you are disconnected from the VPN server. This feature is essential for your security because it prevents your IP from being exposed to hackers and cybercriminals who can use your IP address to do cybercrime activities like phishing or DDoS attacks.

    NordVPN Privacy

    The NordVPN privacy policy is very detailed, and it explains the process of securing your data even before you start browsing or downloading. Your sensitive data will be kept safe using the AES-256-bit encryption and 2048-bit RSA keys. Thanks to its double DNS protection, it will also be protected from any DNS leaks.

    The VPN service will also protect you from any malicious threats like malware, phishing, spam, tracking, and ad fraud in your browser.

    Simultaneous Device Connections

    NordVPN allows you to connect up to six devices at the same time! This feature is very useful for those who have more than one device that needs a VPN connection. It's also great if you want to share your NordVPN connection with your family or friends.

    Device Compatibility

    NordVPN is compatible with all devices, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. You can use it with routers and gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo.

    NordVPN - Device Compatibility

    Set Up And Installation

    The installation process of NordVPN is very easy. Just go to their website and download the software. After installing it, you can set it up easily with a few steps clearly explained in the software's interface.

    NordVPN - Set Up And Installation

    Reliability And Support

    NordVPN has 24/7 customer support, and you can get in touch with the support team using live chat or email. You can also use their ticket system.

    The Bottom Line

    NordVPN is a great choice for streaming, P2P torrenting, and watching your favorite shows online. It will keep your data secure and private, especially when you're using public Wi-Fi networks or sharing your bandwidth with other users of the NordVPN service.

    NordVPN has a lot of features that are essential for securing your privacy while browsing or downloading data. It also has fast speeds that provide an excellent experience when streaming videos or playing online games. It's compatible with all devices, and it's best to use if you are looking for a reliable VPN service that allows torrenting on P2P servers.


    Is NordVPN Safe?

    NordVPN is one of the most reliable and secure VPNs on the market. You don't need to worry about leaks or sluggish speeds with NordVPN; this VPN will keep your information safe and private, no matter what. NordVPN doesn't only protect you from outside threats. It also keeps you safe from cyber attacks and scams by turning your own devices into a personal shield! This means that no cyber criminal will be able to access your data without first going through an impassable wall of security set up by NordVPN.

    Can NordVPN Unblock Netflix?

    Yes. NordVPN provides the necessary tools to unblock Netflix around the world. The VPN can be configured to use any of their servers in over 60 countries, many of which provide access regardless of what geo-location you are currently in or where you're coming from.

    Will NordVPN Slow My Speeds Down?

    This is a concern for many VPN users. The good news is that NordVPN won’t slow down your internet connection. Its specialty lies in its server speed and selecting the fastest one available for you to connect through at any given time.

    Written by Alex Trim

    Alex is the founder and lead editor of VPNChill, a leading blog that provides impartial VPN reviews and advice.
    He has expertise in cybersecurity and the IT industry.

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