November 16, 2021

Best VPN For International Travel

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    Written by Alex Trim

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    International travel is a thrilling experience for most, but it can be fraught with dangers, especially if you’re not the most tech-savvy tourist. Fortunately, there are precautions you can take to alleviate some of these fears. Today we’ll be discussing how to use the best VPN for international travel and the benefits that come along with it.

    Best VPN For International Travel Reviews

    Top 5 VPN For International Travel


    1. Best Overall: NordVPN

    NordVPN Features

    • Provides a great level of privacy.
    • Top tier VPN provider.
    • Use advanced military-grade encryption standards.
    • Provides DNS leak resolver.

    NordVPN is a top-tier VPN provider that offers an advanced level of privacy and utilizes military-grade encryption standards. It provides you with a DNS leak resolver so you can keep your personal information safe while traveling internationally. Plus, it has the ability to create new virtual locations for additional privacy, depending on how restrictions are in place in your potential destination.

    This VPN service offers additional features. It encrypts connections to ensure your personal data is protected. Using NordVPN you won't experience any interruption in your internet connection speeds while traveling.

    DNS leak resolver acts as an additional layer of protection. The no-logs policy ensures that there will be no information you can be forced to hand over even if requested. It also prevents potential hackers from intercepting your personal data while online. And with the use of NordVPN, you can access the web anonymously and keep your identity hidden.

    Use a limited-time offer: get 72% off and 3 months for free buying a 2-year plan. That’s only $3.30/month.

    2. Best User-Friendly VPN: CyberGhost

    CyberGhost Features

    • Over 7242 VPN servers worldwide.
    • DNS and IP leak protection.
    • AES 256-bit encryption.
    • Strict No Logs Policy.
    • Up to 7 devices protected simultaneously.
    • 45-day money back guarantee.

    The CyberGhost VPN service offers a diverse range of features that make it ideal for users who wish to ensure their privacy and security while using the internet. With a worldwide network of over 7000 servers, this VPN has DNS and IP leak protection to ensure your data stays encrypted. The service also provides a strict no-logs policy so your activity can't be tracked by third parties and AES 256-bit encryption for these digital havens.

    Covering up to 7 devices at once with unlimited simultaneous connections from anywhere in the world is also provided by CyberGhost. This VPN is a favorite in the VPN/TOR business, with a special focus on making it easy for its users to protect their privacy and safety while using the internet.

    CyberGhost can be considered one of the most trusted VPN providers available, offering a wide range of features that ensure your safety and privacy while browsing the web during international travel.

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    3. Best Bypass Geoblocks: ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN Features

    • Intuitive, user-friendly app.
    • Unblock the internet in one click.
    • Browse privately and securely.
    • Fuss-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Multilingual interface.
    • Superior connection reliability.
    • Advanced leak protection.
    • Connect to ExpressVPN on: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Samsung, Acer, and Microsoft Surface.
    • Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

    ExpressVPN is the only VPN service that makes you feel like you're on the same local network, with access to all of your favorite sites and content. It's super-easy to use on your phone, computer, or tablet. This software encrypts data for online shopping while browsing in insecure public Wi-Fi hotspots.

    Browse privately and securely with one-click activation. Unblocks all restricted sites while browsing through the Internet without censorship. One of the most feature-rich VPN apps for travel yet!

    All these fantastic features are made possible by encasing everything in cutting-edge encryption technology that ensures nobody can see what you do online but you. With no record of their activity, you're protected from all sorts of online snooping.

    Many other VPN services use outdated encryption technology that makes them ineffective and slow. That's why ExpressVPN chose to use 256-bit AES encryption by default, which is the same advanced encryption technology used by banks and military units for their top-secret data. Furthermore, this secure network routes all data through multiple servers located in various safe locations around the world.

    ExpressVPN’s latest deal in June, 2023: Get 3 months completely free on your annual subscription with this current offer! It’s not for certain when this deal will end so it’s best to check the deals page to see if it’s still available.

    4. Best Strong Security Features: IPVanish

    IPVanish Features

    • Zero logs.
    • Kill switch.
    • IPv6 leak protection.
    • LAN blocking.
    • OpenVPN scramble.

    IPVanish is an amazing VPN service, which doesn't keep logs of any kind. It's perfect for people who are looking to protect their privacy, or just want to have peace of mind knowing that hackers can't get into their information - but it's also perfect for people who are traveling internationally.

    With the rising number of cyberattacks, it's vitally important that you're protected when you're online. That's why IPVanish was designed with safety measures in place to make sure these attacks don't even reach you! One great feature is the kill switch, which ensures that your data will not leak out before reaching its destination if the VPN connection drops unexpectedly.

    With IPVanish, you can unblock geo-restricted content, increase your privacy online, and stay secure when using public Wi-Fi connections. This is all in addition to the usual level of security that VPNs provide.

    IPVanish really lives up to its name. It's a fast VPN service that will get you where you need to go with optimum security. They offer a free trial for two weeks, but other great discounts are available for extended subscription periods.

    IPVanish Deal June, 2023: It's hard to find active IPVanish offers so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 66% off your IPVanish subscription today! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

    5. Best Budget VPN: Surfshark

    Surfshark Features

    • High-speed connection (up to 1Gbit).
    • Unlimited devices.
    • Private DNS & leak protection.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Camouflage mode.
    • Access to blocked streaming services.
    • Risk-free privacy.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Surfshark is a VPN service that provides a high-speed connection to keep your browsing private and secure, as well as unlimited devices and private DNS to prevent leaks. They have an easy-to-use interface with a camouflage mode, access to blocked streaming services, risk-free privacy protection from the 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Surfshark is perfect for browsing the internet anonymously. It is also good for accessing fast streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Finally, it provides privacy protection from the privacy policy that they offer.

    Some users may have difficulty installing Surfshark on their operating systems because of compatibility issues with older systems. However, to get around this problem, you can use their free VPN app for Mac or Windows or download their VPN direct app to your iPhone or Android phone instead.

    Buyer’s Guide

    In this section, I will go through each of the factors that will help you understand what you need and what kind of features your VPN service needs to have so it can be functional and also enjoy the convenience at the same time.

    Best VPN For International Travel Buyer’s Guide

    What Is VPN For International Travel?

    A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that allows users to mask their location, thereby providing security. It’s also used to keep data protected online, especially when traveling abroad.

    What Is VPN For International Travel?

    VPNs work by creating a secure, encrypted connection between your computer or mobile device and the VPN server that you want to connect with. Once the connection is made, it appears as if you’re actually in the place you’re connecting from rather than using a VPN server in another country. So all of your online activities are hidden.

    VPNs are great for international travel because they give you peace of mind. Whether you’re logging on to public Wi-Fi in a foreign country, or want to access your favorite TV shows and movies from back home while traveling, a VPN is the perfect solution.

    Why Should You Use VPN For International Travel?

    There are many reasons why using a VPN for international travel is important for your data security. Below you can find the main reasons and how this software can help you avoid additional troubles during international travel.

    Keep Your Data Private

    VPNs can be useful in many different situations, but perhaps the most important ones are when you’re trying to keep your data secure. Through VPNs, you can prevent anybody from seeing your browsing history and data. If you’re going on a trip overseas and want to protect your information while using a public WiFi network or a local hotel’s WiFi services, then a VPN will be essential.

    Bypass ISP Geo-restrictions

    Many hotels and other companies will try to block certain websites based on where you’re supposed to be located. By connecting to a VPN server in another country, you can make it appear as if you’re located there, thus avoiding any restrictions.

    Some companies out there will even block access to their services if they detect that you’ve connected to a VPN server. Therefore, using one for travel overseas could help you bypass these restrictions and catch the game at the hotel later.

    Stream Safely From Anywhere

    VPNs can be used for streaming media as well as for other purposes. For instance, if you’re a fan of Netflix and have a subscription but want to watch it from another country, you can use a VPN to change your location so that it appears as though you’re in the United States.

    Doing this means that you won’t be limited by the restrictions of the local ISP and, therefore, can use Netflix as you usually would. Because it masks your IP address, anyone on the same network as you won’t be able to see what videos or movies you stream or download through your VPN.

    Unblock Websites and Services

    By using a VPN, websites and services can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is a huge advantage for travelers because they can enjoy their preferred online benefits from any part of the world. For instance, if you want to access a website from your vacation in New York, you can simply connect to a VPN server in the town and allow it to take you there.

    Protect Your Privacy

    Using a VPN is especially useful when traveling, as it helps protect your privacy by making sure nobody can see where you’re located. Using a VPN at home has many different benefits, mainly because nobody wants their ISP or government to see what they’re doing online anyway.

    Benefits Of The Best VPN For International Travel

    The whole point of using a VPN for international travel is to provide you with a secure, consistent connection. If you’re using it for travel overseas, this will be especially important because public WiFi tends to be slower than what people are used to at home or in the office.

    Using a VPN for international travel means that your connection will remain consistent and not degrade while you’re trying to do something important on the other end. There're also other benefits listed below.

    Shop and Save on Anything and Everything

    If you want to shop online while traveling, but want to avoid higher international shipping prices, then shopping through a VPN can help. Many e-commerce sites block certain countries from shopping at their websites, but connecting to a VPN server in another country that isn’t blocked will allow you to purchase as if you were actually there. This is especially useful for those who want to use services like Amazon or eBay, as it will enable them to shop from anywhere in the world.

    Use Streaming Services Without Limitations

    Public WiFi can sometimes be blocked from things like streaming services. If this is the case, you can connect your computer or mobile device to a VPN first and then stream your desired content on the other end. Because it doesn’t appear as if you’re physically in the location that you’re connecting from, companies won’t be able to block you from using their services.

    Use a VPN to Unblock Any Website

    Using a VPN for your international travel means that you can access websites from any location. Many websites have been blocked from certain countries, but by using a VPN server in another, those sites can now be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    The Bottom Line

    There’s no denying the usefulness of using a VPN to access websites and services while traveling, but there are many other reasons why it can be beneficial as well. If you want to take advantage of all of these features, then you’ll definitely need to take a closer look at the best VPN for international travel. I hope this article was helpful for your future travelings.


    Do I Need A VPN For International Travel?

    A VPN is an essential security tool for anyone who regularly connects to public wifi hotspots. A VPN's ability to disguise your identity and encrypt your data not only protects you from hackers but also gives you peace of mind while traveling abroad.

    What Is The Best VPN For International Travel?

    PrivateVPN is one of the best software for international travel. It offers an affordable service with plenty of servers around the world and good download speeds. It has provided military-grade encryption, which can’t be broken by brute force attacks (which are tried every day).

    Does ExpressVPN Good For International Travel?

    Yes! ExpressVPN is a VPN service that is very popular with international travelers. The service has an easy-to-use interface, and it’s fast enough to use for video streaming; we tested it out and watched videos without any issues.

    Written by Alex Trim

    Alex is the founder and lead editor of VPNChill, a leading blog that provides impartial VPN reviews and advice.
    He has expertise in cybersecurity and the IT industry.

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