November 1, 2021

Best VPN For iOS

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    Written by Alex Trim

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    VPN or Virtual Private Networks is an extension for your internet security and privacy. It's a way to encrypt your data and information such that only you know what it contains. This article lists the Best VPN For iOS, which ensures the highest level of protection, privacy, and anonymity when browsing.

    Best VPN For iOS

    Our Top 5 VPN For iOS


    1. Best Overall: NordVPN

    NordVPN Features

    • Provides a great level of privacy.
    • Top tier VPN provider.
    • Use advanced military-grade encryption standards.
    • Provides DNS leak resolver.

    NordVPN is a VPN (virtual private network) service for iOS that lets you surf the Internet securely and anonymously. It provides military-grade encryption for all your internet browsing, instant access to streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu; keeps you safe on public WiFi connections; protects your sensitive data from hackers at home or in public.

    Besides military-grade encryption, this VPN service provides the AES-256 protocol. It also has fast speed, unlimited bandwidth. You can connect up to 6 devices at the same time. A smart DNS service for unblocking geo-restricted websites on any device you own (PCs, smartphones, tablets) without needing to install additional software or apps.

    Use a limited-time offer: get 72% off and 3 months for free buying a 2-year plan. That’s only $3.30/month.

    2. Best Value: Surfshark

    Surfshark Features

    • High-speed connection (up to 1Gbit).
    • Unlimited devices.
    • Private DNS & leak protection.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Camouflage mode.
    • Access to blocked streaming services.
    • Risk-free privacy.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Surfshark is a VPN provider that offers strong encryption, high-speed streaming, and a kill switch. That makes it easier to browse securely from any location. And since Surfshark doesn’t log user activity or monitor their online behavior, you have nothing to worry about.

    If you want a VPN that won't overcharge you or invade your privacy, Surfshark is the perfect solution. The no-logging policy means there's nothing they can collect from your activity to be sold off later – and the result of this situation is that Surfshark has an incredibly low price point as well as high-quality features.

    Another reason you might want to consider a VPN is to stream content from different countries. This means you can watch a movie or TV show from a country where it’s available – but if the streaming service isn’t available in your country, or if there are other restrictions, your VPN will allow you to choose another location and stream as much as you want.

    Surfshark works with all iOS devices. And for those of you who use iPhones, some extra features enhance the functionality of your device – an ad-blocking feature, for example, that allows you to avoid ads while browsing.

    3. Best iPhone VPN For Speed: ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN Features

    • Intuitive, user-friendly app.
    • Unblock the internet in one click.
    • Browse privately and securely.
    • Fuss-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Multilingual interface.
    • Superior connection reliability.
    • Advanced leak protection.
    • Connect to ExpressVPN on: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Samsung, Acer, and Microsoft Surface.
    • Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

    ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services online. Unlike other VPN apps, ExpressVPN has an iOS app that can easily be installed on any iPhone or iPad.

    This VPN software offers excellent download speeds and unlimited bandwidth, making it one of the best ways to use a VPN while browsing or streaming. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a few years now and have never been disappointed with my connection speed, whether nearby or from across the world.

    ExpressVPN also gives me the flexibility to select my server, making this one of the most helpful VPN apps available. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a reliable service with a superbly easy-to-use app.

    ExpressVPN’s latest deal in June, 2023: Get 3 months completely free on your annual subscription with this current offer! It’s not for certain when this deal will end so it’s best to check the deals page to see if it’s still available.

    4. Best Choice For Beginners: IPVanish

    IPVanish Features

    • Zero logs.
    • Kill switch.
    • IPv6 leak protection.
    • LAN blocking.
    • OpenVPN scramble.

    There are many reasons to use a VPN for iOS, but when it comes to unblocking content, little compares to IPVanish. This is by far the most efficient and effective app in its class.

    Unrestricted access has never been so easy or intuitive; any distractions whatsoever! The sleek user interface keeps things simple and stress-free while also providing excellent customer service during your visit. Get IPVanish today, and you won't regret it.

    This is not just another VPN service. They have built an incredible brand with years of experience in the industry. Their military-grade encryption, decent customer service, and numerous other features have made them one of the leading VPN services on the market. For anyone who needs extra security or privacy, IPVanish should be first on your list of choices.

    IPVanish Deal June, 2023: It's hard to find active IPVanish offers so I was really surprised to find this one! Click here to get 66% off your IPVanish subscription today! Discount automatically applied (no code required).

    5. Best for Torrenting: ProtonVPN

    ProtonVPN Features

    • Secure core VPN.
    • Always-on VPN.
    • Military-grade encryption.
    • Fast speeds on our global network.
    • Kill switch to prevent IP leaks.
    • Zero logging policy.
    • Adblocker (NetShield).
    • DNS and IPv6 leak protection.
    • Strong encryption.

    ProtonVPN is the next-generation VPN for iOS. This company offers users a selection of configurations, which encrypts all your data and prevents your ISP from accessing it. Not only does this make their service secure but it also lets you access all censored content on the internet.

    The ProtonVPN software is the fastest, easiest VPN for iOS. It runs on all iPhone devices running iOS 11 or higher. The free version of this app will give you access to unlimited bandwidth but only one device at a time. If you want to protect multiple devices with your VPN connection, you will need to pay for a premium subscription service.

    Buyer’s Guide

    Before buying a VPN, you should read this article that includes all the most important details about such services. We've prepared for you a buyer’s guide with useful information and useful links, as well as best practices of usage.

    VPN For iOS Buyer’s Guide

    What Is VPN For iOS?

    VPN for iOS is one of the most important tools to protect your privacy. VPN stands for "virtual private network," It creates a secure and encrypted connection between you and the VPN server. This way, others using the same internet as you (even those on the same local area network) cannot access anything about your data sent or received over that connection.

    What Is VPN For iOS?

    The best VPN for iOS allows you to bypass restrictions based on location like geo-blocking or circumvent censorship like in China or Russia. It can also allow you to adhere more closely to laws by browsing websites only authorized in certain countries, such as gambling sites which are legal in France but illegal in many other countries, making them accessible from within France even if they're otherwise blocked outside of it.

    Why Should You Use VPN For iOS?

    If privacy is your priority, using a virtual private network is the best way to safeguard your online privacy. It will hide everything you do on the web. Whether you're doing something illegal or merely something that could be considered "not good" by whoever decides what's good and bad, a VPN will stop other people from spying on you. Using a VPN can also save you tons of money if you travel or use your smartphone abroad. The software will help to keep your data safe wherever you are.

    Benefits Of The Best VPN For iOS

    VPNs can save you a lot of money and keep them safe online. However, the internet is full of websites and unsafe Wi-Fi networks. A trustworthy VPN will hide all your personal data and stop snoopers from tracking you and selling your data to third parties.

    VPNs will also unblock geo-restricted services that some apps or websites use, such as those on Netflix. This lets you watch shows on Netflix no matter where you are in the world as long as you have a data connection. It will also secure your connection when using public Wi-Fi networks so that no one can listen in on your conversations or see what website you're visiting.

    Benefits Of The Best VPN For iOS

    VPNs will protect you from hackers and data thieves when browsing private services such as Facebook and Gmail. It will also protect your device from malware and harmful files that can steal personal information if you're using a public computer.

    One of the best advantages of using a VPN is that it makes it harder for someone to track your browsing history. All of the logs collected by websites will stay within their own web servers, instead of being sent back to a third party. That means no one can trace your activity even if they've been watching you on a website you've visited, or on a browser extension installed on your phone or computer.


    Is VPN Safe For iOS?

    Yes, VPNs are secure for iOS. A VPN provides significantly more safety and security for online data and communications than the traditional mobile browser. Unlike mobile browsers, VPNs encrypt all your data from end-to-end, meaning that it can’t be intercepted or decoded by anyone along the way, not even your wireless provider.

    What Is The Best Free VPN For iOS?

    There are many VPN providers for iPhone, but ExpressVPN is fast speeds and a reliable network. They have an easy-to-use app that can be configured to work with any device, and they offer knowledgeable customer support via live chat, phone, or email.

    Should I Turn On VPN On iPhone?

    Yes, you should turn on the VPN on your iPhone. This service can help you to protect your privacy by shielding your internet traffic from prying eyes. Your ISP might be able to see all the sites you visit and log what you do there. But if you use a VPN to make all your web browsing go through its servers first, then they'll only see that data.

    Written by Alex Trim

    Alex is the founder and lead editor of VPNChill, a leading blog that provides impartial VPN reviews and advice.
    He has expertise in cybersecurity and the IT industry.

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