November 19, 2021

Best VPN For Mobile Devices

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    Written by Alex Trim

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    Mobile devices are changing the way people interact with their world. Our phones are the only computing device we carry with us all day, every day. Mobile devices are also very portable, which makes them vulnerable to potential data breaches.

    Best VPN For Mobile Devices  Reviews

    That’s why having the best VPN for mobile devices is critical to protect yourself from digital threats and have greater privacy in your personal lives. Below you can find the list of the best VPN for mobile devices with its benefits and considerations on how to choose the best service for your needs.

    Top 5 VPN For Mobile Devices


    1. Best Overall: NordVPN

    NordVPN Features

    • Provides a great level of privacy.
    • Top tier VPN provider.
    • Use advanced military-grade encryption standards.
    • Provides DNS leak resolver.

    NordVPN is a top-tier VPN provider that offers mobile device users an easy and secure way to protect their data and keep it private. NordVPN provides mobile users with the best possible encryption standards, as well as a DNS leak resolver to prevent any information from getting out of your mobile device.

    This software also gives users military-grade protection against viruses, malicious software, or keyloggers that may be used to steal your data. At the same time, you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi router.

    NordVPN protects your mobile device from data theft from cybercriminals using Tor or attempting to hijack your web browser with a malicious script. The system can also protect your device while using public Wi-Fi, which might be connected to a malicious network secretly collecting information about you. A hacker on public Wi-Fi may even try to record your keystrokes and use them for nefarious means. 

    Moreover, malware on an unprotected mobile device can be used by cybercriminals to track, hack and steal data directly off of your device. Malware installed on your device can also infect other devices connected to the same computer or network. In all these cases, NordVPN will protect your smartphone or tablet.

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    2. Best Privacy And Anonymity VPN: ExpressVPN

    ExpressVPN Features

    • Intuitive, user-friendly app.
    • Unblock the internet in one click.
    • Browse privately and securely.
    • Fuss-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Multilingual interface.
    • Superior connection reliability.
    • Advanced leak protection.
    • Connect to ExpressVPN on: Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Samsung, Acer, and Microsoft Surface.
    • Headquartered in the British Virgin Islands.

    ExpressVPN, the world's leading premium VPN for mobile devices, is the fastest and most secure way to unblock any website or app. Trusted by 1 million+ customers all over the world, ExpressVPN has an intuitive, user-friendly app that allows you to browse privately and securely on your mobile device in one click.

    You can also use their apps to get around web filters at work or school without risking getting caught! ExpressVPN offers premium leak protection with maximum network stability. Advanced VPN features include DNS leak protection, IP address spoofing, automatic kill switch, hardware-based encryption using AES 256-bit standard.

    ExpressVPN is the only VPN provider that offers an intuitive, user-friendly app for iOS, Windows, and Mac users. The ExpressVPN app allows you to connect to one of the numerous servers worldwide with no bandwidth caps! Get the most secure and private VPN connection with ExpressVPN.

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    3. Best Support And Speeds: Hotspot Shield

    hotspot shield vpn

    Hotspot Shield Features

    • Do not log or share your data.
    • VPN servers are among the fastest in the industry.
    • Data encryption between your device and its servers.
    • 45-day money-back guarantee.

    Hotspot Shield protects your privacy and stops hackers. VPN experts recommend Hotspot Shield to protect your privacy, unblock sites, and enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi security.

    The world is moving to mobile devices for browsing the internet (you might be reading this article on one right now), which creates new risks for identity theft, credit card fraud, and hacker attacks. Hotspot Shield provides mobile users with a secure connection between their device and the internet by encrypting data transmission done with 128-bit encryption. This prevents communication interception or recording personal information like passwords or bank account numbers while surfing online with Wi-Fi hotspots access points.

    Hotspot Shield Secure VPN for Android and other mobile devices allows you to access the internet with proxy servers in the location of your choice. For example, in China, where access to social media sites is limited, you can use Hotspot Shield to connect to Facebook or Twitter in the United States.

    Securely access personal or corporate networks that are not available on your current mobile carrier's service. For example, if you are attending an event with no Wi-Fi hotspots at your hotel, use Hotspot Shield free VPN for mobile devices to connect wirelessly to work email or the company intranet.

    4. Best Budget VPN: Surfshark

    Surfshark Features

    • High-speed connection (up to 1Gbit).
    • Unlimited devices.
    • Private DNS & leak protection.
    • Easy-to-use interface.
    • Camouflage mode.
    • Access to blocked streaming services.
    • Risk-free privacy.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Surfshark offers a VPN service that is both well-designed and geared towards the average user. Features include unlimited devices, fast speeds, private DNS servers, easy interface, and camouflage mode bypassing internet censorship filters in countries like China or Russia.

    With Surfshark, you can access all blocked streaming services without any restrictions or throttling. You can enjoy risk-free privacy with Surfshark because it doesn't keep logs of your online activity. This VPN for mobile devices provides high-speed connection (up to 1Gbit) and private DNS & leak protection. Additionally, it offers an easy-to-use interface, camouflage mode, and a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

    With the help of the best VPN for mobile devices, you can protect all your gadgets with a single VPN account from Surfshark. With other VPN services, you have to buy a subscription for every device separately. With Surfshark, there is no restriction on the number of devices protected by a single account.

    The service has its servers in many countries globally and provides cutting-edge technology to ensure you enjoy high speeds and low latency even when you connect from remote locations. Unlike some other providers that throttle connection speeds, Surfshark doesn't limit your bandwidth or download speed by any means.

    5. Best Strong Security Features: IPVanish

    IPVanish Features

    • Zero logs.
    • Kill switch.
    • IPv6 leak protection.
    • LAN blocking.
    • OpenVPN scramble.

    IPVanish is a reliable VPN service that offers some of the best security features on the market. It has a strict no-logs policy and kill switch and very low connection and upload speeds.

    IPVanish offers an OpenVPN protocol on both IOS and Android devices for optimal security. The company also utilizes very high connection rates, so you can browse without worrying about your browsing speed being slowed down at all times. IPVanish also blocks all internet traffic if the VPN connection ever disconnects unexpectedly, giving you peace of mind while you're using it.

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    Buyer’s Guide

    You need a VPN for mobile devices because it’s a secure way to browse the web without giving up personal information. If you don’t have one, you should set up a VPN on your phone as soon as possible.

    Best VPN For Mobile Devices  Buyer’s Guide

    A VPN will not only protect your information on public networks but also help you anonymously encrypt and access websites that are blocked or censored. You need to buy a VPN before your phone is compromised so that you can still access all of your data and personal information even if the device has been stolen or compromised.

    This guide shows the most valuable features and additional tips on how to choose the best VPN for mobile devices.

    What Is VPN For Mobile Devices?

    VPN stands for a virtual private network. A VPN is a private network for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., that uses encryption and tunneling technologies to secure data transmission and hide online activity from prying eyes.

    What Is VPN For Mobile Devices?

    With a VPN, you encrypt your activity and mask your IP address to keep it anonymous while browsing the web on public WiFi networks or cellular networks. The best VPNs for mobile devices should include all of these key features.

    Why Should You Use VPN For Mobile Devices?

    There are many reasons why you should use a VPN for your mobile devices:


    Mobile devices can be compromised. So, you need layers of protection to help prevent data breaches and identity theft. VPNs are the perfect solution because they hide your IP address and encrypt your activity to keep you safe from third parties.


    There are many benefits to using a VPN for security purposes as well. If you use a VPN, your information will be protected by a secure internet connection. VPNs also prevent hackers from stealing your private data and browsing history.


    It’s very easy to browse the web without giving up your identity because it’s just as easy to set up a VPN on your mobile device. You can then unblock websites that may be blocked in your country or place of residence.

    Some countries block specific websites and applications like Facebook and Skype for political reasons. If you can’t access these sites at home, you can use the best VPN for mobile devices to unblock them and stay connected with friends and family worldwide.

    Benefits Of The Best VPN For Mobile Devices

    The benefits of using a VPN for mobile devices are numerous. First, it will protect your information from being stolen during data breaches. This is especially important if you have valuable data on your mobile phone or tablet.

    When hackers breach company servers, they typically swipe the sensitive information on their employees’ devices, customers’ personal information, and customers’ personal information. A VPN can help prevent this information from being accessed by malicious third parties.

    Another benefit to using a VPN is that it will protect you in countries that censor the internet or restrict certain content or activities that may be deemed offensive by their government or religious leaders, for example.

    VPNs are also beneficial if you want to unblock websites that may be restricted where you live. For example, if Facebook is blocked in your country, a VPN can help you access it from your mobile devices.

    The Bottom Line

    There are many advantages to using a VPN for mobile devices. It will help protect your information from being stolen in a data breach or by hackers. It will also give you the ability to unblock sites that may be blocked by your government or religious leaders and access social media sites from anywhere in the world that has been restricted by the country you are visiting. Ultimately, a VPN service can keep your mobile device safe from cyber threats and help you browse the web without worrying about your personal information being stolen.


    Does VPN Protect Mobile Devices?

    A VPN does offer protection for mobile devices. When you connect your mobile device to your VPN, all data passing between the device and the internet is encrypted, so information is hidden from would-be snoopers.

    Does NordVPN Work On Phones?

    NordVPN works on mobile devices. You can download NordVPN from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. If you have a phone for each of these platforms, you can use NordVPN on your Android or Apple phone or tablet.

    What Is The Best VPN For Mobile Devices?

    ExpressVPN is a good service for mobile devices. This is the most reliable and stable VPN we tested. Features industry-leading standards of security and speed.

    Written by Alex Trim

    Alex is the founder and lead editor of VPNChill, a leading blog that provides impartial VPN reviews and advice.
    He has expertise in cybersecurity and the IT industry.

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